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8 reasons why using a fountain pen can improve your writing experience

8 reasons why using a fountain pen can improve your writing experience

Most of you may hear the words ‘fountain pen’ and are instantly taken back to memories of school and the start of a new term. It was always a standard navy or black Parker pen, you’d get ink on your fingers when changing the cartridges, the pen would roll off your desk and skid across the classroom, and it’d drive you crazy when the ink would take forever to start working through the nib. So you were overjoyed when school finally finished and you got to throw it in ‘the stuff drawer’ and get a trusty ballpoint. However fountain pen design & the accessories that come with them have come a long way since then.

Using a fountain pen to write a letter offers several advantages that make it a popular choice for many people. Here are 8 reasons why it is worth trying one out:

  1. Smooth writing experience: Fountain pens use liquid ink, which flows smoothly onto the paper. This makes writing with a fountain pen feel effortless compared to ballpoint or gel pens that use dry ink & require more pressure on the paper. The result is a more comfortable and enjoyable writing experience.

  2. Personal touch: Writing a letter with a fountain pen adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your correspondence. The smooth and consistent ink flow creates a distinct and refined appearance that cannot be replicated by other writing instruments.

  3. Choice of nibs: Fountain pens come with various nib sizes and shapes, allowing you to customise your writing style and choose the pen that best suits your preferences. From fine to thick nibs, and even to new calligraphy ones, each offers a unique writing experience.

  4. Ink variety: Fountain pens allow you to use a wide range of ink colours, including unique and vibrant shades (or even ones that you can mix yourself) that may not be available in other pen types. This versatility gives your letter a wonderful personal touch and adds a little extra something when you use a colour that you know your recipient loves.

  5. Environmentally friendly: While disposable pens contribute to plastic waste, a fountain pen is a more eco-friendly option as they are designed to be refilled. You can purchase refillable cartridges (ink converters) rather than using plastic ones.

  6. Better for penmanship: The smooth ink flow and reduced pressure required when writing with a fountain pen can lead to improved penmanship. This is especially important when writing long letters or documents.

  7. Long-lasting investment: A good-quality fountain pen can last for years or even a lifetime with proper care plus most businesses will offer a complimentary service to fix your pen should there be any slight issues with it. They are often considered heirloom pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation, making them a sentimental and valuable gift.

  8. It creates a better writing experience: Using a good quality fountain pen to write a letter can turn a seemingly simple act of communication into an enjoyable and meaningful experience for both the writer and the recipient. Everyone has something that they will happily invest their money in because whatever activity it is, it brings them joy and they want to treat themselves to something to make the experience even better. Quality also doesn’t equal super expensive, there are plenty of very high quality pens that don’t need to cost a fortune.

8 reasons why using a fountain pen can improve your writing experience

I invested in a fountain pen from Tom’s Studio, firstly because the quality is exceptionally good, secondly is that his designs are absolutely beautiful! Everyone has a different way of holding their pen and even though I had been gifted a good quality Parker, it just didn’t suit me, it was scratchy and that drove me nuts when I had to do a lot of writing.

If you are thinking of buying a fountain pen, I would highly recommend searching online for the latest fountain pen reviews as there are people that have gone through so many brands and really tested them out extensively, so fingers crossed you’ll find the pen of your dreams and make your writing experience better than ever. I’ve listed the key things to think about in your own search for pen perfection…

Design – Firstly, what do you like? Modern, traditional, quirky, colourful? There are the well known brands that produce beautiful classic designs such as Montblanc, alternatively you might want to go for a more modern design from Kaweko or Lamy. Ideally it’s best to try the pen before you buy it, but depending on where you live this might not always be possible and so I’d recommend doing your research with existing blogs and reviews on the websites.

Weight – A lightweight pen doesn’t necessarily mean it’s cheap, as some of the expensive ones are purposefully made using lightweight materials to reduce hand fatigue for those that like to write a lot in one go. Mine is a heavy pen, which I personally like as the additional weight naturally slows down my writing, when I get in the swing of it I write too quickly and it becomes illegible (there hasn’t been a single birthday card in the 10 years we’ve been together that I haven’t had to decipher at least 6 words for Gav, and to be fair even I haven’t been able to read them sometimes!)

Nib – Various grades are available, if you have small delicate handwriting you’d be better off with a fine nib, go for a broader nib if you have larger handwriting and like there to be a variation in line thickness. I am currently using the pro-flex nib as I can either use it lightly for a delicate thin finish or add pressure and use it for calligraphy (it is a Nikko G and will therefore need replacing more often than a standard nib).

Cost – What’s your budget? You might want to start off with something in the £20-£30 range and then if you discover you absolutely love writing with a fountain pen, then get your higher one on the birthday/Christmas/just because list!