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Exploring the Art of Envelope Decoration

Exploring the Art of Envelope Decoration

In a world where emails, text messages, and digital communication dominate, there's something truly special about receiving something handwritten through your letterbox. So how can you take your letter, note or card to the next level? Yep you guessed it, envelope art! Turning a plain envelope in...
Gift wrapping and why its so important

Gift wrapping

Remember the scene in Love Actually when Rowan Atkinson spends what seems like a lifetime wrapping a gift for Alan Rickman’s character? Well I love all that! I have always had an obsession about packaging and I’m not even going to say how many pins on Pinterest I have purely for packaging design...
Luxury space stationery, hand illustrated - notebook, postcards, gIft wrap and wax seals. The Stargazer Collection Stationery Set - a premium themed gift.

The illustration technique

It was something I hadn’t intended to do at all and in fact if you look at all 4 themes with the Botanical one (which was the first theme I drew) you’ll see I just did standard solid line ink drawings. But then as I started making my way through the Stargazer theme and drawing clouds I didn’t re...