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National Afternoon Tea Week

National Afternoon Tea Week

Ok so I might’ve thought it started next week on the 15th August, discovered yesterday morning that it started on Monday. So that was good. Cue frantic photography. Yesterday was spent in the blazing heat finding the prettiest flowers in the garden to add to the image above (and before we receive...
Creating our new Art Deco luxury stationery theme

Creating our new Art Deco theme

There are certain words that spring to most people’s minds when you ask them to describe the Art Deco movement, ‘sleek’, ‘glamorous’, ‘bold’, ‘elegant’. All of which we wanted to capture in the designs for each component. For each new theme, as mentioned in previous blogs, we have a bit of a pro...
Sleepy Bee Studio case study with Noissue Tissue

Case study with Noissue Tissue

I recently had the fantastic opportunity to be asked by NoIssue to take part in one of their case studies for their website. I discovered them on Instagram when searching for innovative packaging options and thought it’d be a great way to introduce a new product at the same time as providing a m...
Luxury space stationery, hand illustrated - notebook, postcards, gIft wrap and wax seals. The Stargazer Collection Stationery Set - a premium themed gift.

The illustration technique

It was something I hadn’t intended to do at all and in fact if you look at all 4 themes with the Botanical one (which was the first theme I drew) you’ll see I just did standard solid line ink drawings. But then as I started making my way through the Stargazer theme and drawing clouds I didn’t re...