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Creating our new Art Deco luxury stationery theme

Creating our new Art Deco theme

There are certain words that spring to most people’s minds when you ask them to describe the Art Deco movement, ‘sleek’, ‘glamorous’, ‘bold’, ‘elegant’. All of which we wanted to capture in the designs for each component. For each new theme, as mentioned in previous blogs, we have a bit of a pro...
The importance of writing letters

The importance of writing letters

What with the launch of our new Ethereal Collection, it seemed fitting for our next little blog post to be all about the importance of writing letters. One really important benefit is that it promotes mindfulness. You can type and text at record speeds but there’s only so fast you can w...
Gift wrapping and why its so important

Gift wrapping

Remember the scene in Love Actually when Rowan Atkinson spends what seems like a lifetime wrapping a gift for Alan Rickman’s character? Well I love all that! I have always had an obsession about packaging and I’m not even going to say how many pins on Pinterest I have purely for packaging design...
Sleepy Bee Studio | The Cambridge Collection

The Cambridge collection

As I was born and brought up in Cambridge it made a fair bit of sense to do Cambridge as one of the first batch of themes. It’s such a beautiful city with so much history. So many inspirational scientists, poets, and other academics lived here and I consider myself very lucky to live somewhere w...